Begleitete Sprachreise - Englisch Intensiv

Executive English - World Trip 2000

Combine your holiday with an intensive English course 

The proven most efficient way to learn English!

You are accompanied by an experienced English coach.

You will make local contacts and have the opportunity to attend local, national and international events in your field in different cities on your trip!

Our coaches

Our staff are professionals!  English teachers, business professionals, international travelers.  They all have experience inore than one of the following areas.

Cross-cultural Communication
International Negotiation
Multi-lingual Management
Business English
Technical English
Online Communication
Rhetorics and Public Speaking

Local activities:

We provide local English-language services by utilizing local educational and other organisations in the following cities and countries
Colombo, Negombo / Sri Lanka
Bangkok / Thailand
Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru / Malaysia
Hong Kong
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth / Australia
Auckland, Christchurch, Rotorua / New Zealand

We arrange for your attendance at local conferences, seminars and workshops in your field - for instance with a Chamber of Commerce or Rotary club, an e-commerce meeting,
a medical seminar, a product presentation, a university workshop ...  Your choice! We need in advance details of your business and interests.


All activities will be optional and no additional costs are involved, except for attendance at commercial conferences as agreed in advance. Our coaches know how to look after you!

Keep in contact:

Before and during the trip, the organisers will be in touch with you, your family, and your company by email.  We assist with internet contacts while on the trip.  

Trips 2000

The following trips are in planing stage.  Contact us early!
12 July - 26 July to Florida and Ohio
24 September - 8 October to New Zealand
17 November - 1 December to Malaysia
Here is the program of a typical Australia / New Zealand trip.  Your wish is our command!
Advance meetings
Stuttgart, 6 June Stuttgart airport
Stuttgart, 8 June central city
Zurich, 30 June central railway station 
Advance workshop
Zurich Airport, 2 July get to know - the details
Stuttgart, 30 July get to know - the details
Lausanne, 20 August get to know - the details
Trip (add your desired leisure activities)
Day 1: Zurich meeting, lunch and flight
Day 2: Sri Lanka stopover, relax, swim
Day 3:  local meeting, sight-seeing
Day 4: Singapore shopping, local meeting
Day 5: sight-seeing, local meeting
Day 6: Sydney city tour, local meeting
Day 7: conference or seminar, Zoo, harbor
Day 8:  seminar or workshop, Bondi Beach
Day 9: Auckland sight-seeing, local meeting
Day 10: Bay of Islands boating, tour
Day 11: Rotorua sight-seeing, local meeting
Day 12: Christchurch sight-seeing, seminar
Day 13: Queenstown sight-seeing, local meeting
Day 14: Christchurch theater, local meeting
Day 15: Zurich return

Special Activities

Tell us what interests you!  We will propose an activity programme with local groups at each stopover, and discuss this with you at the advance meeting.
taking part in conferences, workshops, seminars, etc tell us details of your professional work, we will propose activities, then you tell us what we should arrange
holiday activities  tell us your wishes, we build a program to fit everything in
family activities tell us about those who will accompany you


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Tel. +41 31 829 3479

Contact us!
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Details of your business activities:


About your English level and needs


Preferred Destinations
Preferred Dates

Give us a commercial prospect of the sort of vacation trip you would consider.  We add the English activities!