How to get to Griessen by auto

From Schaffhausen (25km)

From Schaffhausen, head towards Neuhausen (6km) and cross into Germany at Jestetten (7km). Continue towards Lotstetten and before qou reach it (at 15 km) turn right towards Dettighofen (17km). Continue down a long hill towards Bühl (19km), Riedern (21km), then you reach Griessen (24km). Continue below as if you came from Zurich.

From Zurich (38km)

From Zurich, take the autobahn past Kloten (10km) and Bulach (20km). Continue in the direction of Schaffhausen and cross the Rhine at Eglisau (26km). Once up the hill, turn left towards Huntwangen (28km), pass under the railway, and continue directly past Wil (30km). A winding road leads you over a hill, passing the customs post in the forest. Downwards into Germany you turn left after Bühl (33km) and continue in a straight line through Riedern (35km) until you reach Griessen (38km).

In Griessen

Pass through the small town center, you are on Bahnhofstr., and park on the left side at a Schlecker store. Walk 50 m further and cross the road, you will see a path leading up on the right. The number 20 is painted on a concrete wall. You then enter Trittenheim from the top of the path.

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The county of Klettgau

the town in detail

From Baden or Brugg or Zurzach (25km)

From Baden or Brugg, find a way to get to Zurzach (15 km) where you cross the Rhine into Germany. Continue straight through the small town of Rheinheim (16km) across a Kreisel. (Take a break at the Aldi supermarket on your right, 17km). Continue through Dängstetten (18km), climbing to cross the hill at Bechtersböhl (20km). As you come down again, watch out for low-flying aircraft. Turn right onto the main Waldshut-Schaffhausen road (22km) and continue until you have a turnoff to the right to Griessen (24km). Continue straight, you are now on Bahnhofstr., and just after the start of the town (25 km) you turn left after a bus stop. Go straight ahead now and then take the first right, and the next corner you come to is the top of Trittenheim. Park on the street ahead of you, close in to the hedge.

From Basel (75km)

Take the autobahn towards Frick and Zurich, but exit at Eiken (ca 30km) Go straight through the crossroads, continue through a forest then turn right. Continue to Laufenburg (40km), Schwäderloch (45 km, cheap gas!), and after Leibstadt nuclear station and Full (50) cross the mouth of the Aare river. Continue through Koblenz (53), the Rhine crossing is usually blocked here) towards Zurzach (60km) Continue as above for Baden and Brugg.