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Criterial for selecting a book include (in no order of importance) The book does not have to be recent - classics are also interesting.

Sometimes it is hard to find the books.  We also consider online books -

We consider themes also that do not relate to a specific book, but to general knowledge.  Especially in theme areas which can be called "international", such as history, language, geography, economics, politics, science (environment).

We also consider themes in areas of personal development, for instance in physiological or psychological areas.  Subjects  which help us survive or expand our horizons would be interesting.

Suggested books and topics for 2005

These have been suggested by someone at some time. They may not fit the guidelines above.
Douglas Adams  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and other books, film coming in fall 2005 
Diane Gabaldon  Crossstitch, also appearing as Outlander, about a woman who is thrown back two hundred years in to 1740 Scotland, and sequels such as Dragonfly in Amber
C.S.Lewis The Narnia stories, The Chronicles of Narnia - a magical childhood favorite, and some of his other works such as The Screwtape Letters from an old to a young devil, or The Four Loves.
Ram Chandra and others Meditation, enlightenment, Eastern religions or medicine 
various authors explaining science Who's Afraid of Schrodinger's Cat? Ian Marshall and Danah Zohar
A short history of nearly everything Bill Bryson 
All I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten
Ideas that Shaped Our World Marshall 
BREAKTHROUGH: the Origins of Mind, Space and Time  A short personal journey (150 pages) through a new logical perspective on the universe and our place in it
Club of Rome and various scientists and economists  The Limits to Growth and other material about the future of our planet 
Earth in the Balance, Al Gore
The Culture of Contentment J.K.Galbraith
Paul Wittwer  Eiger, Mord and Jungfrau a krimi set in the Insel hospital in Berne 
Gaarder, Jostein (author of Sophie's World The Orange Girl
Ken Follett  Whiteout or other novels 
de Bono and others Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, and other works
Creativity and Problem-solving, building and intelligence 
 Werner Küstenmacher How to Simplify your Life
practical wisdom to everyone living in a time of economic contraction and uncertainty on  handling the complexity of modern life. The book explains step for step how to get rid of unnecessary stuff, slow down, and points the way back to what we know is important in life but have forgotten. The simple way of life is a journey from the outward to the inward. It starts with cleaning up your desk and organizing your closets, and it ends with finding your meaning in life. Along the way, this book will help you organize your time, change the way you think about money, improving your health, your relationships and your marriage. You will be amazed at the possibilities that simplifying creates for you!
John Irving  The World According to Garp or a later novel 
David Morris In the Name of God The murder of Pope Jean Paul I
Ffunch and others  I`m OK, You`re OK - Transactional Analysis 
Transformational Processing psychology
Assertive Behaviour
Jeremias Gotthelf The Black Spider
Max Frisch Homo Faber, or The Physician
Fritz Zorn Mars
Mars recounts the author's reminiscences and the self-analysis he undertook after the diagnosis of cancer and was published just before he died at the age of 32. "I am young and rich and educated, and I'm unhappy, neurotic, and alone. I come from one of the very best families on the east shore of Lake Zurich, the shore that people call the Gold Coast. My upbringing has been middle-class, and I have been a model of good behaviour all my life. My family is somewhat degenerate, and I assume that I am suffering not only from the influences of my environment but also from ..."
Mark Twain,
Bill Bryson
Travels in Europe,
various books such as Notes from a Small Island - "should not be read in public, for fear of emitting loud snorts"
Boris Cyrulnik "The Whispering of Ghosts" on Amazon
John Gray,
Allan Pease,
Daniel Goleman
Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) - very interesting book on how we manage our emotions 
Mars and Venus stuff, particularly Mars and Venus, Mars and Venus on a Date, Mars and Venus Starting Over (John Gray) - but a lot of valid points and insights on how men and women function differently, and how it can jeopardize a relationship. 
Also Pease.

In German
Mein Lebensglück bestimme ich (available Fr16.50 from Stauffacher and Jaeggi)
Die Kraft, die im Unglück liegt  (Les Vilains petits canards ) (available Fr 14.80 from Stauffacher and Jaeggi)
Un merveilleux malheur ("Ein wunderbares Unglück")

Interviews - in German

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