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Report from February

Sophie Group Meeting
When:   Thursday, 24 March
Where:  Stauffacher Cafe Literaire
Time:   19.00h.
Contact:        Graham Tritt at 031 325 98 36 or
Deadline:       Tuesday, 22 March
Comments:       We discuss "isms" of all sorts

Sophie Group - Your Idealisms

In January in a very comfortable setting at the Allegro, we discussed how morals must relate to intelligence. Do animals only react through instinct and training?  Do we? Are morals just from training in social and religious codes? Cooperative and team behaviour rather than egotistic? How do animals regard death? - more realistically than we? We had a lot of experience to talk about, but more questions than answers.

In February we hope that all will attend who have already found read The Da Vinci Code - it could be our biggest meeting since starting in 2003.
We meet in the bookshop Jaeggi, in 2UG of the Berne Loeb, where we will occupy several tables at the cafeteria.

The topic for Thursday March 31 will be "ism's" - we consider socialism, utopias, and your own political ideals (or why you oppose them!)

The topic for April is "folk tales" especially considering those of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christen Andersen, whose 200th anniversary is this month.  Come and explain your favorite fable.

For May, is we discuss Max Frisch's "Homo Faber". It's time we looked at some great Swiss literature! Is anyone interested in a trip to Zurich to see the new play? Proposed date: March 28 (Easter Monday)