Bar-Talk - practice in English conversation

Be confident in conversation!

Learn to make "small talk" and you will go far!

Bartalk is sponsored by the English-Speaking Club of Berne

on each Friday evening from 8 to 9 pm

at the ESCB, Laupenstr. 17

The cost per person is ten francs plus a drink from the bar!

Many who visit the club have expressed the desire to practice English. We have found a way to help improve fluency in communication and to gain confidence in speaking to others. We do it through practice and discussion in a group, guided by experts, and with constant evaluation by all in the group.

And we'll make it fun!

We have asked some experienced teachers and coaches to help. They have designed a practical format and plan to include many aspects of informal communication. The basics of "small talk" will be covered each every week, but there will also be different themes - like these: