English for Telecom Companies - Course Description

Typical topics

  • mobile communication
  • e-business
  • internet applications
  • holidays and travel
  • inventions
  • business problems
  • marketing design
  • customer service


  • we practice reading, writing, listening, speaking and presenting
  • we use case studies, role-playing, and OOMM
  • we work with written text a lot - reading, 

  • analysing, translating and revising
  • we learn technical vocabulary
  • we practise the style of memos and business letters
  • we work on grammarwhen we need it
  • we work on plain english

Online Group:

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  • we report using email or a Newsletter
  • the files are available only to the Egroup


    We take a product or project which you know,
    create a short presentation together,
    then you practice - present it to us!
    We use Toastmasters methods


    We have a problem to solve.
    Now we are in a technical or business meeting.
    Each person has a role and a message to present.
    In English.

Text Analysis


  • verbalis - all the forms of English verbs
  • English grammar online
  • acronyms dictionary to download
  • telecom dictionary to download
  • special vocabulary files - like phrasal verbs
  • audio files
  • handbooks and guides

Plain English

    A plain English document uses words economically and appropriately for the audience. Its sentence structure is simple. Its tone is clear and direct. Its design is visually appealing. A plain English document is easy to read and looks like it's meant to be read.

    We learn by converting complex text into plain English.

OOMMTM - Object-Oriented Mind-Mapping

  • We have a complex case study - to analyse, 

  • and to solve the problem.
  • We work with a structured method of three steps: 

  • nouns and adjectives; relationships; verbs and adverbs.
  • We use the methods of Business Process Reengineering

  • and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • It works! (The problem above needed 3 hours to solve.)