Siemens Technical English 2000

Meeting of 16 November

We continued the Weather Box. We looked at newspaper weather reports and found many good ideas for functionality and for presentation.

The Weather Box - Display 

  • We talked last week about a digital display and about bar graphics for past readings.
  • We need to show maps - Europe, Switzerland, Berne canton, local area
  • We need to include on the maps, small icons representing clouds, rain, storm, sun, snow etc. 
  • We should be able to place the storms and clouds on their real locations
  • We have to update the display frequently - perhaps every quarter hour.
  • We should have a great design - an unusual shape or color - we need to find a graphic artist

The Market - we identified these potential buyers

  • Sports - cyclists, walkers, hikers, surfers, yachtees, skiers, campers
  • Housewives - when is it save to hang out the washing?  Plan your week
  • Farmers, especially when planting or harvesting
  • Builders and construction planners, road workers
  • Event planners, schools, tourist centers


We brainstormed to produce a lot of phrases which we could use in the advertising. 
  • get the latest weather - for your area - the weather in Bümpliz - in Schlieren - not just the whole country
  • the storm is coming - don't be caught in the rain 
  • today it's safe to bring the crops in (to harvest or cut the wheat, to pick cherries, to gather the tomatoes)
  • work with the weather, not against it
  • cycle with the wind - not against it.  Get the local forecast
  • plan your Sunday drive.  do you often wash your car before it rains?
We can emphasize freedom - feel free.  Also be prepared, know what's coming.

In Berne it's partly cloudy.  It's raining at the moment over Niederwangen and the rain will reach Bern in ten minutes.  In Ostermundigen it's blowing the leaves about - bring in your tools and toys from the garden.  The shower should miss Wohlen and Meikirch but we will update you for Wabern and Ittigen in ten minutes ...



Additional functionality

Using additional, optional modules, we will measure and report the following 
  • pollution - dust in the air, NOx nitrogen (stickstoff) oxides, O3 ozone levels, sulphur (schwefel) oxides
  • pollen count
  • electrosmog
  • radioactivity
  • water quality, acid rain
We will use laser measuring methods for air pollution and ensure accuracy.  However, we take all care and accept no responsibility

Location of the outside meters - the base stations

We want to sell the units and modules to interested families, but the price may be too high (100-1000). 
We can set up a unit on each mobile telephone mast - then we are sure of cell coverage - about every 5 km. 


When we have enough base stations, we can customize the forecast to local conditions at much higher accuracy. 
If the national meteorological service (Meteo) has 70% accuracy for one day ahead, we want 90%. 
We can offer frequent updates - the storm will be here in a half-hour

Other Vocabulary

frig - pronounced fridge - refrigerator - also still called the ice-box in parts of the U.S. - Kühlschrank
tripod - three legs - Stativ  - (biped - two legs, quadruped - four legs)