Poetry written in May 2002

Graham Tritt

Short pieces, inspired by situations of my everyday life.
Copyright (2002)

Chat lines

Words writ in sand
wiped by the waves of time
moments of glory,
fragments of story,
in the ether.
See Murder in Hyperspace for a piece based on our chat room and the start of an idea to write "a virtual murder story".

Tell me

Tell me your hopes and your dreams
and also your problems and pains.
In telling the cares are all eased
and the the well of worries is drained.

Write me the woes of your life
and the sunshine you saw on the way
with a touch of your humor and spice
to light up the cloudiest day.

Sing me the song of your loves
the major and minor key too,
and I'll echo the tale of your tune
in a harmony or in a blue ...

Bring me the cold and the frost
to warm on the hearth of my home.
I'll give you the love you have lost
in the wearying ways that you roam.

Call me

You may be far, over the sea,
making a call, waiting for me
all alone, watching the phone,
taking the call, reaching for home.

I would send you a message of hope
as you reach for the life line of love
we will speak of the meaning of life
and the duties that hold you from us.