Miscellaneous Poetry 2006

Graham Tritt copyright (2006)

Following a discussion on Reincarnation


the circle closes
the beginning is the end
the end begins new

On thinking about death and rebirth

the well of life
which gave birth to us
in which we will die
now runs dry

A translation of a ghazal

Rumi's "Die Liebe"

An dem Tag, an dem die Liebe mein Herz bekriegt
Die Seele barfuss dem Schauplatz entflieht.

Ein Narr ist der, der mich für weise hält,
Weise ist der, der sich nicht zu mir gesellt.

My version


On the day that love declared war on my heart,
My soul fled the scene, on bare feet.

A fool is he, who believes I am wise,
Wise is just he who avoids me.

A new poem


On the day that your love overcame my heart,
My mind fled the scene of the crime.

Without thought, without aim, I am lost in the dark,
Not knowing what help I can find.

So I call from afar but you pay me no heed,
I am trying to call out your name.

My senses have flown, my spirit adrift,
Bewildered confusion my shame.

I hope that some day my love is returned,
Till then I will suffer alone.

A limerick, based on Rumi's last verse

"The fool in the school"

He is a fool who thinks I am wise,
He is wise who considers me fool.
Let him say what he will
he just riddles with lies,
And passes them on to the school.