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The mailing list for teens and twens
who speak English in Bern
(other languages are of course ok!)

Hi! We have started up a group called "Young-in-Bern" for teens and twens - for approx. ages of 15 to 25 - in and around Berne, Switzerland is a forum to organise and inform about activities. You can join Young-in-Bern for free by subscribing to yahoo groups.

It's not just for English speakers - any language is ok - of course many of our friends speak Swiss-German and other languages.

Our aims are to have an open dialog independent of nationality and religion, and to encourage integration into Switzerland and interaction with the whole world.

We plan an activity each month, maybe more over the summer.


Our first activity is a games afternoon on April 24 at the Zoo. After 14.00h, we will sit outside, between the restaurant and the Aare river.  Look for the flags of different countries hanging on a tree. See the ad -  please print this and post it at your school or workplace!

Sunday 24 April - Lunch and games afternoon

1030 Jazz at the Berne Zoo with the Wolverines Jazz Band with the International Club of Berne
1230 lunch at Restaurant Dählhölzli (reservations needed)
1400 Contests in the afternoon - jacks and other international games
Sunday 29 May - a BBQ on 29 May at Eichholz.
1600 on - barbecue, bring your food and drink and a plate to share
also volleyball softball badminton and swimming are possible

Further Activities

potluck meal - bring a dish
disco in Berne or visit to Downtown Switzerland like the Alpenrock
openair concerts - Gurtenfest 14-17 July -  attend with a group!
ten-pin bowling, climbing, swimming, ...
tandem English learning, English conversation groups
a ThinkQuest project - a team of three persons between 11 and 19, we will find a coach
Ethnopoly in Berne in September 2005 - see the  SporttheBridge project
other intercultural activities

Mailing list

Our mailing list and forum is on Your address is protected and there is no junk mail.

Our organisers

Mail or phone Stef on 078 757 32 59  / s_boulila at or mail Graham on The International Club of Berne