Checkups and Reviews
Technical English

A checkup is an evaluation of your current level of English and the possibilities of moving ahead.

A review is an evaluation of your progress and recommendations for further methods.

I help you find the best ways for yourself, to learn English.

This means that I have to talk with you in detail,
- about your needs, goals, wants, and motivation,
- about your levels of ability (skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
and knowledge (grammar and vocabulary),
- about your past learning experiences and your preferences,
- about your interests and the resources around you,
- about constraints on your time and the effort you can give to it.

There are a thousand ways to learn English in Berne. You can benefit from the many options available.

There are two hundred ways to learn vocabulary. When I started to learn German, my aim was to learn hundreds of words a day, and I achieved this.

If you want to speak more easily, then we can look for a group for you to join. As a networker with an overview of most of what is happening in the English-speaking world of Berne, I can help.

One hour of consultation, the checkup is the first step. This also involves testing and evaluation. As a result, I would give you ten methods which you can try, including introducing you into some discussion groups.

Then you are on your own for a while ... to try the methods which I suggest, to join the courses or talk to teachers, or to take part in groups. I do not gain any income from this, so my advice is neutral.

We should evaluate your progress, and review methods. We do this with a review, a further consultation, perhaps once a month or in three months, of more often if you wish. I would then
suggest new methods which you can try.

Please contact us to make an apppontment for an initial consultation.